Over the years, it’s been a joy and a blessing to witness how strengths-based coaching and consulting has the potential to transform people’s lives and elevate organizational performance. Don’t just believe; know that you’re in the right hands. See what SLC Consulting clients have to say about their experiences.

Sondra was an integral part of our online learning academy. The combination of her experience, passion for lifelong learning and interest in student development was stellar. Sondra brings content to life and helps you take action and get results.

Gallup Higher Education Team

Dr. Sondra Cave’s strengths class helped me so much. First, I was so skeptical of this course I had a hard time believing that it was accurate after I took the assessment. It only took Dr. Cave two classes to break it down to me and open me up like a book for everyone to read. It was at that moment that I realized this course would have a lasting effect on me and change how I view myself.

This course helped me realize that I had strengths. I thought I was good at some things but did not see them as strengths. For someone who battles with low self-esteem, this class helped me realize I do have strengths and they are what help me be my truest self. For a long time, I was told things like ‘you’re such a nice guy’ or ‘you are too nice.’ This class helped me realize that strength and why it is ok for me to be like that. It also helped me set boundaries around those strengths so that they cannot become a weakness.

This course helped me professionally as well. As a manager, it helped me to be able to identify strengths in my employees and how to work with and lead them more effectively. It also helped me learn to see the strengths in my leaders and I can communicate better with them because of that.

This course also helped me as a parent. As a single parent raising one child in a co-parent situation, I was able to learn to look for strengths of my child and start to help cultivate them. It also helped me work with my daughter’s mother and stepfather to be the best versions of ourselves for our daughter; it helped with our communication, which helped us learn our strengths and how we can use those to help raise our daughter. Our co-parenting team is very grateful for what we learned in this course.

I tell anyone and everyone that they should take this course because it will change your life and give you a totally different outlook. If you want to go to the next level in business or just need help understanding why you are the way you are, this course will do that. Dr. Cave is an amazing instructor and teaches with so much enthusiasm. You can tell she really believes what she teaches and makes you feel as if she is your biggest cheerleader. To say this is a 5-star course is an understatement.

AJ Briner
Senior Account Manager
Sharper Personal

In the years of working with Sondra, I have learned how to accept and lean into my strengths to achieve my goals. She has developed strategies that helped my teams maximize their productivity. Sondra is intentional in the way she scaffolds information and tells you what others may be afraid to share. She wants the best for her clients and quickly clears the clutter for you to see the path forward.

Paula Wilhelm
Philanthropy and Engagement Manager

Dr. Cave has been leading a Strengths training for my Leadership Lenexa program for the last six years. This session is one of THE best additions I have made to our 35-year-old program.

Her command of the material is exceptional. She has the gift of being able to deliver a large amount of information in an engaging and inclusive way. I personally learn something new from her every year.
I feel very fortunate that we can start our program on such a strong and positive note, with Dr. Cave leading the way.

Julie Steiner
Leadership Lenexa
Lenexa Chamber of Commerce

Sondra Cave and her leadership, facilitation, and engaging skills are simply outstanding!! Sondra has an amazing ability to connect deeply with her audience, pivot and turn when necessary, and help others to connect the dots of lessons learned for immediate application. I’ve had the honor and pleasure of working with, observing, and participating in Sondra’s leadership programs and have walked away in awe and wonder for how she was consistently able to elevate the learning and outcomes of the program to something that was truly inspirational and transformative. I highly recommend Sondra Cave and her associated programs if you are seeking a positive, lasting and impactful experience.

Barbara Ann Sharon
Chief Learning Officer
Training Edge

I’ve had the privilege of knowing Dr. Sondra Cave for more than 20 years, from when we were colleagues at MidAmerica Nazarene University. Dr. Cave has provided effective professional development, consulting and coaching to me and my principals on multiple occasions. Her extended knowledge base and wisdom is exemplified through her interesting and engaging presentation style. She is positive and uses stories and developmentally appropriate exercises to help you understand and apply the content. She recently facilitated a powerful leadership retreat for my principals and me. My principals are still talking about an activity she facilitated, “Knowing Your ‘Why’ Is Important.” 

I consider her a strengths-based leadership expert. But more so, I consider her to be an effective leader who leads by example. She has personally provided leadership coaching for several of my principals, and they testify that she is the best. One of my principals, who was recently promoted to an Assistant Superintendent in another school district, told me, “Sondra is the best. Thank you for connecting me with her. She’s honest, practical and her coaching helped me improve and take my leadership to the next level! I now consider her one of my favorite go-to persons for leadership and Strengths-based training.”  

It is evident that Sondra is a consummate leader, coach and facilitator, but what is most important to me is that she is a Christian! She doesn’t preach to you or judge you, but her life demonstrates love, integrity, empathy and cultural sensitivity. It is with great honor that I recommend Dr. Sondra Cave for your leadership, coaching, training and consulting needs. The cost for her training and coaching is very reasonable, which means for her, it is more than about the money. 

Dr. Anthony L. Moore
Assistant Superintendent
Raytown Quality Schools

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