Corporate and Government Organizations

Helping leaders lead and organizations thrive is what SLC is here to do. SLC asks Who, How and Why to uncover and activate your organization’s strengths. Contact SLC to find out more about the consulting process, pricing and methodology.

Providing Valuable, Insightful Results

SLC discovers what is right with people and builds on that. Using Gallup’s Strengths Assessment, your company or organization receives a comprehensive roadmap on how to accelerate growth, navigate challenges in work culture and improve internal processes that will better scale your organization. 

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Why Develop Strengths?

Research shows developing and focusing on strengths rather than weaknesses boosts all levels of an organization’s performance: employee retention, productivity, profitability, customer safety and engagement. Work with SLC and get an actionable plan for long-lasting, transformative results for your company or organization.  

Enhancing Government & Corporate Agencies

SLC works with local and state government agencies and businesses, including CEOs and CFOs, to implement Strengths-based,  performance-oriented solutions that work to bring about successful outcomes. 

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Team Building

SLC develops a tailor-made, step-by-step coaching plan that equips teams with strategies to successfully manage conflict, navigate difficult conversations, communicate more effectively and work with greater efficiency while using everyone’s unique talents and strengths. 

Industries & Services

SLC Consulting provides one-on-one strengths-based coaching and leadership training, alongside organizational consulting for businesses, non-profits, government agencies, educational institutions and churches.

Training Services: Strengths

Discover and nourish your God-given talents and transform your church today.
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Training Services: Leadership

Unlock your leadership potential with dynamic, hands-on coaching.
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Individual Coaching

Get individual, 1:1, holistic life coaching that's based on your strengths