With over 40 years of education experience, having taught both high school and university students, Sondra knows how to bring out the best performance in teachers and educational institutions of every level.

Address Core Organizational Issues

Using the Clifton StrengthsFinder Assessment (CSF), SLC gives actionable strategies for performance improvement, operational efficiency analysis and organizational effectiveness for educational institutions. SLC works to ensure that the right people, processes, culture and strategy are in place for organizational success.

Sondra lecturing students on strengths training

Teachers and Faculty

SLC works directly with teachers and educational faculty spanning from K-12 to college to implement methodologies that improve student retention, manage difficult classrooms and create effective learning systems for educators to thrive in.

Transform Your Learning Facility

Gallup’s Educational Practice transforms the educational workplace, enhances student learning and elevates teachers to perform at their best.


SLC is People-Focused

The greatest resource a school or campus has is its people. SLC works to develop and strengthen interpersonal connections, through the CliftonStrengths Assessment, and build strategic organizational plans that lay a strong foundation for future successes.

Industries & Services

SLC Consulting provides one-on-one Strengths coaching and leadership training, alongside organizational consulting for businesses, non-profits, government agencies, educational institutions and churches.

Training Services: Strengths

Discover and nourish your God-given talents and transform your church today.
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Training Services: Leadership

Unlock your leadership potential with dynamic, hands-on coaching.
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Individual Coaching

Get individual, 1:1, holistic life coaching that's based on your strengths