About SLC

Sondra Cave has over 40 years of experience in the education industry, having guided and shaped individuals and organizations through strengths-based consulting for years. Her passion lies in motivating people to perform at their highest level through hands-on, strengths-based consulting and coaching.

Sondra's Story

Dr. Sondra L. Cave is a Gallup Certified Strengths coach and consultant. She is a former college professor and chair of sociology for MidAmerica Nazarene University, where she spent 18 years guiding and educating others. 

Her years of experience serving individuals and teams as a gifted communicator and public speaker for various leadership seminars, conferences, churches, retreats, women’s events, colleges and community events allowed her to cultivate a repertoire of effective coaching strategies to better serve clients. 

Dr. Cave is passionate about helping individuals and teams discover their unique talents and maximize their potential strengths. She facilitates Strengths-based training for business leaders, managers and teams in corporate settings. As an experienced co-pastor of a church, she also works with church leaders on how to inspire, engage and build a sense of community within the congregation. 

headshot photo of Dr. Sondra L. Cave
Dr. Cave public speaking seminar on strengths coaching

What Sets Dr. Cave Apart?

Dr. Cave’s years of experience in business and education, along with her energy and passion for helping others achieve transformative personal growth, have led her to develop highly effective, actionable and tailor-made coaching strategies that work with your core strengths.

Sondra has been involved with Gallup’s strengths-based coaching since 2001, having even received the “Strengths Architect” award for helping to write Gallup’s curriculum.

Join the List of People who Have Found their STRENGTH

Over 26 million people have taken Gallup’s Strengths Assessment and the results speak for themselves. SLC Consulting is grounded in a passion for bringing out the best qualities in people, finding out what makes them special and what actions lead to lasting, positive results.

Dr. Cave's Top 5 Strengths

Dr. Cave’s passion for coaching is shaped by her own Strengths. She’s facilitated Strengths-based training for business leaders, managers and teams in corporate settings. She’s also worked with church leadership and religious organizations to help uplift, inspire and engage a thriving congregation.

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