Leadership Training

Do you want to inspire, motivate and move people as a leader? Be who you were born to be. Let SLC Consulting be your guide to achieving your dreams by better understanding what special talents and abilities make you stand out as a leader.

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Team Leadership Coaching

SLC Consulting provides proven strengths-based leadership development coaching to help you or your organization identify, understand and cultivate character strengths to perform effectively as a leader. Get accurate insights into how to be a more successful manager, maximize your career and lead high-performance teams through specialized, hands-on leadership coaching with SLC.

Discover the Benefits of Strengths-Based Leadership

From networking and relationship-building to talent assessment, motivation, engagement and more, SLC will teach you to lead effectively. You’ll learn to break down barriers and accomplish more as a leader. Discover the benefits of strengths-based leadership coaching today.

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Who is Executive Coaching For?

Executive coaching services impact both the individual leader and their organization. Strengths-based executive coaching is perfect for anyone preparing to fill a future leadership role, or for anyone with a desire to accelerate personal development and effortlessly manage stressful conditions, structural conflicts and changes at an organization or company.

Time-Tested & Effective Methodology

Leadership training is tailored to your specific circumstances and needs. SLC uses methodologies that are grounded in the science of positive psychology. Get realistic and effective strategic solutions that lead to impactful results in today’s fast-paced, dynamic business environment.

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Get Experienced Leadership Training

With SLC Consulting, you’re in good hands. SLC has years of experience with coaching business leaders and corporate team leads to reach their milestones, overcome hurdles and accelerate their performance through the use of strengths.

Industries & Services

SLC Consulting provides one-on-one Strengths coaching and leadership training, alongside organizational consulting for businesses, non-profits, government agencies, educational institutions and churches.

Training Services: Strengths

Discover and nourish your God-given talents and transform your church today.
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Training Services: Leadership

Unlock your leadership potential with dynamic, hands-on coaching.
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Individual Coaching

Get individual, 1:1, holistic life coaching that's based on your strengths