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Frequently Asked Questions

We’re happy to answer any questions you may have related to SLC Consulting’s services

  • The Clifton Strengths Finder (CSF) assessment for your top 5 results is $19.99
  • The Clifton Strengths Finder (CSF) assessment for your full 34 results is $49.99
  • Availability is usually pretty flexible. It is best to have at least 6 weeks advance before the session.
  • To prepare for your session, you will need to take the CSF, and read over your results. The training session will provide greater insights and information and depth of understanding.
  • Initial contact can be made through email. From there, an initial phone appointment will be set to discuss desired goals and objectives.
  • Leadership training and/or strengths introduction sessions depends on the desired outcome. After the initial exploratory phone conversation, options are provided with content information, number of sessions, and additional possibilities. Once the client has decided, preparation for the training begins, leading up to the actual session.